Group Members

Omer Yehezkeli– Principal Investigator

Dr. Yifat Cohen – Lab manager

Yifat received her Ph.D from the Faculty of Food and Bio’ Eng’ in the Technion for the bioaccessibility and bioavailability of hydrophobic nutraceuticals encapsulated within protein nano-particles. Yifat is currently researching assembly of bio-inspired manganese complex on electrodes for electrocatalytic water oxidation.

Graduate Students

 Oren Bachar     

Oren received his B.Sc. from the faculty of Biotech & FoodEng’ at the Technion, and is developing strains of bacteria that have the ability to self-synthesize NPs and QDs, due to expression of a unique structural protein. Oren is interested in microbiology, molecular biology and nanomaterials.

Matan Meirovich

Matan received his B.Sc. from the faculty of Biotech & Food Eng’ at the Technion, and is currently developing ways of activating Nitrogenase with nanoparticles.

Nidaa Herzallh

Nidaa received her M.Sc. from the George Weiss faculty of biology in Tel-Aviv University for the crystallization of the PSI protein. Nidaa is currently trying to mimic the photosynthetic “Z scheme” using photo-bioelectrochemical cells that are based on photosynthetic proteins.

Roy Cohen

Roy received his M.Sc. from the George Weiss faculty of biology in TAU for developing nanoparticle based anti-cancer platforms. Roy is currently making biosensors for glucose and lactate. His subjects of interest include nanotechnology, sensing and bioconjugate chemistry.

Mor Shemesh

Yara Zeibaq

Visiting Scholars

Undergraduate Students

Liora Frech


Rachel Bitton

Dina Mukha

Dr. Luba Kolik-Shmuel 

Tania Zilberfine

Shay Bamany

Yair Toledano

 Reilly Callahan   

Lara Reid

Brooke Dubyna

Evan El-Halawani

Ronni Kurzion