Bio or Nano? Why not Both!

The research in our group is multidisciplinary, shifting from biochemistry and bioengineering to bioelectrochemistry and nanotechnology.

We use the unique properties of nanomaterials (electrical, optical) in conjugation with enzymes to gain synergetic effect in catalysis and sensing. Our goal is to construct novel biohybrid systems with unnatural triggers for enzyme’s activation. To achieve that, we use electrodes or nanomaterials which allow directed or mediated electron transfer into the enzymes active sites.

As a multi-disciplinary lab, our tools vary from electrochemical setups and a glove box to electrophoresis and separation columns. Major research direction aims to construct biohybrids which activate the nitrogenase enzyme by light stimuli. Furthermore, By coupling the nitrogenase  to electrodes, biofuel cells or photobioelectrochemical cells that generates ammonia or fuels can be fabricated.

Open Positions available!

A MSc/Ph.D position is available!

We are always seeking for new highly motivated  Msc, or Ph.D students to join our lab. The lab is very multidisciplinary so different backgrounds in the fields of chemistry, biology and bioengineering could fit.

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